Mawaleh English

Working on Mawaleh is a full time job, but we are doing it part time. At first we thought it will be easy to publish a quarterly English version, but later we realized how hard it is with the deteriorating situation in Syria. We cannot keep in touch with contributors inside Syria on regular basis, and we cannot ask them to contribute more while their areas are being bombed and shelled. We will try to publish an English version whenever possible, and we post English posts on our website when we feel it’s necessary. Here are links Mawaleh English.

Mawaleh English #1

  Mawaleh English #1

Mawaleh 12.5

Mawaleh 12.5



  1. I Pity You says:

    How much do you get paid to fake victimization of Queers by American/Zionist Agencies? Whites laugh at Arabic-Syrian idiotic wannabes like you. You know how your society is and . . stop posing as a first world class of citizens where people like your so-called “queers” exist You know you won’t get an American green card for making this shitty magazine.

    • Yoyr comment is published and visible on the site for people to see what we have to deal with. Btw, most of us at Mawaleh do not give a fuck about a US American green card. It’s just you envying us for having a chance to get what you can’t. I actually pity you.

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