Sarmad and Working with Mawaleh

I first met Sami/Mahmoud through his blog which talks about local Syrian matters from a gay man’s point of view. I asked if there was a way for me to do my part and help promote gay rights in Syria, and imagine my thrill when his response was the suggestion of starting this magazine. I knew then that the mission ahead was not an easy one, and that we would face much opposition from within our ranks as well as from the others, not to mention the prohibition of such activity in Syria by the ruling regime.

Nonetheless, this opposition cannot be compared to the main difficulty of [Read more…]

فتاة مثلية الجنس في منافسة على لقب جمال

ملكة جمال ليمان، “Miss Lyman”، Analouisa Valencia هي فتاة مثلية الجنس في التاسعة عشرة من عمرها، تنافس للحصول على لقب Miss South Carolina ، والذي سيتم البت فيه في تموز/يوليو المقبل. [Read more…]

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