Dad, I’m gay

I came back home one day after hanging out with my friends to find my father acting weird with me. I felt that something was wrong but I couldn’t really tell what it was. I tried to ask him, but he just kept quiet and didn’t respond, as if he didn’t want to talk about it in front of the family. [Read more…]

A Missing Connection

“Being a girl is hard enough in this country, the way we’re treated on the streets or in public transportation… Now imagine that this girl is a lesbian! Believe me, it’s a living nightmare” an anonymous lesbian told Mawaleh. “On the other hand it’s frustrating; there is neither an official hangout nor a known dating website where all girls can meet” she added. [Read more…]

Tea Cup and Nuts

It was a fairly hot night. I was sitting in front of my PC alone, thinking about what I was going to write for the magazine. Along with many chaotic, random thoughts, I drifted away to a realm of imagination where I found myself in a better world; a world where humans are created to be humans. Where their humanity is not a commodity sold in a marketplace that displays normal behavior behind bars of prejudice and discrimination. [Read more…]

Mawaleh: The Story

Mawaleh English #1

Although no one in Syria is willing to call the current war a civil war, most Syrians have accepted the “war term” to describe the situation in the country. It is a war in which the Saudi-backed Salafists are becoming stronger. It is a war where al-Qaeda groups are arriving into the country, waiting, and hoping that the rebels will win so they can fight them afterwards and start an Islamic Caliphate in Belad al-Sham, i.e. [Read more…]

Mawaleh: The Risk

Mawaleh English #1

In a country under an ongoing war, where homosexuality is criminalized by law, where Fedaa Aietani was arrested by the rebels for writing what they described as “unbecoming of the revolution”, where Dana Bakdounes was verbally attacked and abused for throwing away her veil by those who are supposed to be “freedom fighters” despite the fact that she protested against Assad’s regime while most of her attackers were still hiding in fear; in a country where Islamism is growing, writing for a gay magazine is nothing less than extreme danger. [Read more…]

Mawaleh: The Name

Mawaleh English #1

In Syrian dialect, Mawaleh means “nuts“. It is derived from “maleh“, which means “salty“. Choosing the name and the concept of the magazine was the most important task before starting working on it.

People in Syria love nuts and enjoy having them with tea, beers, arak, and  matte.  It is true that almost all Syrians love nuts. They have to love us, queers, as well; let’s [Read more…]

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