They Call Me Drama

Mawaleh was at first an idea which later became an obsession. I gave it lots of my time and effort, because, after a few issues, I thought that it was really worth the trouble. But when producing the first few issues, I really felt like I wasn’t going to continue contributing due to the lack of connection and the everyday threats of being mortared, bombed or arrested.

I had to run away from my hometown. Run away from all the fears and insecurities everybody imprinted onto my body and mind. Yet again, I lost the contact even though I was outside of Syria. I couldn’t take my PC with me, and things weren’t as promised or as I suspected. I found myself with drips of internet from time to time, until one of my roommates donated his laptop to me to work on while [Read more…]

Mawaleh #12.5

Mawaleh 12.5

Mawaleh is the only LGBTQI magazine in Syria. It’s been a year, and now, we are celebrating our ups and downs in one issue in Arabic and English.  Read it here.

موالح هي المجلة المثلية الوحيدة في سوريا، وقررنا الاحتفال بعامنا الأول بإظهار نقاط ضعفنا وقوتنا في عدد باللغتين العربية والإنكليزية، يمكنكم قراءته وتحميله من [Read more…]

مشروع إلغاء تجريم المثلية في قبرص الشمالية

ستلحق جمهورية قبرص الشمالية التركية بركب الجمهورية التركية التي استحدثتها، كما ستلحق بركب جارتها الجنوبية في إلغاء تجريم المثلية الجنسية من القانون، فقد ذكرت صحيفة “قبرص اليوم” “Cyprus Today”، في مقال لها الأسبوع الفائت أن مجلس الوزراء صادق على تعديلات للمواد 171، 172 و173 من القانون رقم 154 في قانون العقوبات في جمهورية قبرص الشمالية التركية، وسيتم عرضه خلال أسبوع على البرلمان لإقراره. [Read more…]

Film: Jodaeiye Nader az Simin

Jodaeiye Nader az Simin

الاسم العالمي: A Separation

إنتاج: Iran 2011

تصيف الفيلم: دراما

مدة الفيلم: 123 دقيقة

بطولة: Payman Maadi، Leila Hatami، Sareh Bayat [Read more…]

Surviving Homophobia: Tortured by the Church

“Z” was the only child of a very well-known family in his city so his struggle with homosexuality was significant. He tried not to mix with other gays thinking that that would make it easier for him to get married and stop being gay. But his knowledge and education confirmed to him that his homosexuality is not something he can change. [Read more…]

Surviving Homophobia: Raped by the Law

On that day, “A” didn’t know that his life was going to flash in front of him every day for the next ten days; he couldn’t even dream that his sick heart would bare all that pain. [Read more…]

Surviving Homophobia: Mere Survival

“M.F” was just a teenager that did not have enough knowledge when his mother asked him to get married before she died. He had just finished high school and wanted to continue his studies at the university, despite the rambling thoughts and emotions he used to have and had been too afraid to show. [Read more…]

Relieved from Sectarianism

Although Homosexual are a part of the entire society, they also form a community of their own that have similar characteristics to other gay communities around the world. What distinguishes the gay community in Syria, and other conservative countries, is that it has evolved more than the society it belongs to on many levels. [Read more…]

Double Life

Many gays do not consider their “double life” to be a matter of concern. We do what we wish to do in away from people, and pretend when they are present. We pretend until it becomes a second nature; not a temporarily state of which one must always remain aware. This may not be limited to gays in our society, but rather a characteristic of all Syrians. One must appear to be obedient to thier parents, faithful to their partners, honorable when with colleagues, ethical before children, nice with neighbours, a good believer before one’s God, practices religious rite as daily habits but not necessarily as soothing rituals that calm the soul’s pain or ease one’s tiresome. [Read more…]

Several Gay Men Arrested in Beirut

On Tuesday, July 28th, Lebanese police closed down “Cinema Plaza” Movie Theater in the Burj Hammoud neighborhood of the capital Beirut. The movie theater, which is a known cruising spot for gay men, had been closed three times already. However this time, the police arrested 36 people including the theater’s owner. [Read more…]

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