Dance of Destiny

Sometimes, when bad things happen to us, they make us stronger; they teach us how to stand taller and longer. They also make us think of the past, remind us of special moments and people. We just scream inside “I don’t want to die yet, I don’t want to leave those special people in my life”.

What really happened that day changed some things and planted others in me. I know our country’s situation is bad, but [Read more…]

Surviving Homophobia: Mere Survival

“M.F” was just a teenager that did not have enough knowledge when his mother asked him to get married before she died. He had just finished high school and wanted to continue his studies at the university, despite the rambling thoughts and emotions he used to have and had been too afraid to show. [Read more…]

Dad, I’m gay

I came back home one day after hanging out with my friends to find my father acting weird with me. I felt that something was wrong but I couldn’t really tell what it was. I tried to ask him, but he just kept quiet and didn’t respond, as if he didn’t want to talk about it in front of the family. [Read more…]

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